Benbridge Angel of Faith at Buffalo

Sandra & Michael Patterson - Buffalo Kennels - from New South Wales, Australia are campaigning Thyme and we wish them all the best.



19-Feb-11 Kangaroo Valley A & H Baby Puppy in Group
20-Feb-11 Hawkesbury KC Baby Puppy in Group
26-Feb-11 wollongong & district kennel club (PM show) Baby Puppy of Breed
27-Feb-11 Wollong District Kennel Club Baby Puppy in Group
5-Mar-11 Milton Show Society Baby Puppy in Show
12-Mar-11 Robertson Show Society Baby Puppy in Show
26-Mar-11 Goulburn A P & H Society Baby Puppy in Group
3-Apr-11 Bulli District KC Baby Puppy in Group
26-Apr-11 County of Cumberland Baby Puppy of Breed
30-Apr-11 Albion Park Kennel Club Minor Puppy of Breed
15-May-11 Ladies Kennel Association Minor Puppy in Group
13-Jun-11 ACT Ladies KC Minor Puppy of Breed
26-Jun-11 Blaxland Glenbrook Puppy in Group
10-Jul-11 Sutherland ABKC Puppy in Group
23-Jul-11 Toy and General Runner up of Breed
23-Jul-11 Toy and General Puppy in Show
30-Jul-11 Sydney Kennel Club Best of Breed


Ronndal I've Got Charisma Ronndal Zinedine Zidane Statuesque Toronndal
Ronndal Words To Music
Ronndal Dancing Queen Devine By Public Opinion with Kana-Ka
Ronndal Xciting Dream
Beesholme Kiss N Run Kana-Ka Suit Ya Self Martinique Rodeo Dancer
Kana-Ka Total Package
Ronndal Elfennoir at Beesholme Statuesque Toronndal
Ronndal Yes Indeed

 Whelped: 27 October -2010                       Breeders: Tony Fox & Hank Faifua, Benbridge Whippets